torsdag 17 augusti 2017

Fingerprint reader finally supported

The Toshiba Z30, Z40 and Z50, a series of business models, uses a fingerprint reading device which has been unusable in Linux for a long time - Validity VFS5011 with ID 138a:0010.
Luckily, an update to libfprint released after the launch of Fedora 26 changed that. It implemented, among other changes, long-awaited support for the devices in Toshiba business laptops.

Checking the changelog for version 0.7.0 shows:

"vfs5011: add USB IDs of device found in some Toshiba laptops"

Testing the the functionality with the updated driver shows that enrolling, using and maintaining fingerprints works very well.

After the update, the added setting "Fingerprint login" is visible in Gnome's User maintenance applet.

By clicking on the setting the guide for enrolling one or more fingers comes up.
Select what finger or fingers to enroll...

...swipe the selected finger 5 times.

Once done, the finger can be used for authenticating logging in...

....even in the terminal.

My only gripe is that when logging on using the fingerprint, I still need to enter my password to unlock my stored passwords.

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