onsdag 25 november 2015

Testing Fedora 23 on the Toshiba Satellite P50T-B-10K

The Satellite P50T-B-10K is a 15" touch-enabled premium notebook with 4K UHD display.
This specific build features an i7-4700HQ CPU, a BD-RW optical drive and other niceties such as backlit keyboard and Harman  Kardon speakers.
It also has both ATi graphics and Intel graphics.
This however was something that I was unable to test since the only GPU available to me without further tweaking was the built-in intel HD 4600.

Fedora 23 was easily installed on this unit and right from start, most things works perfect.
The only exception was the SD host which was not picked up by the available drivers.

Once installed and updated to the current kernel, which is 4.2.6-300, the SD-host showed up and works as expected.

Gnome handled the high resolution quite well via the HiDPi feature.
Switching between scaling modes confuses Gnome and apps a bit and they need to be resized / moved and sometimes restarted to look and work ok again.

See comparisons of the workspace layout when switching between HiDPi scaling modes.

Here is a list of features / functions tested and their result:

Cold booted Resumed from Standby
Hardware features

Full native resolution on display OK OK
Touch display OK OK
SD host OK OK w Kernel 4.6.2-300
Bluetooth inc file transfer OK OK
Touchpad  OK OK
Touchpad basic function OK OK Tap to click / scrolling
Sound OK OK
HDMI sound OK OK
Webcam OK OK

Help FN + F1 Ok OK
Brightness - FN + F2 / F3 OK OK
Display change - FN + F4 OK OK
Touchpad On/Off - FN + F5 Ok Ok
Playback control FN + F6/F7/F8 OK Ok
Volume control - FN + F9 / F10 OK Ok
Mute On/Off - FN + F11 OK OK
Radio On/Off – FN + F12 OK OK

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