torsdag 17 oktober 2013

Fedora 20 Nightly build (Fedora-20-Nightly-x86_64-Live-desktop-20131015.10-1) on Toshiba Satellite L50-A-160

The Satellite L50-A-160 is a model with manly Intel-made components. Something which normally points to a problemfree Linux experience.
This is true also on this model although not all features work - but let's look at the details later.

The model has an Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ-processor, Intel HD graphics 4600 and an Intel HM86 Express Chipset.
The unit has a WLAN/BT combo-card installed. The module is an Atheros WB335 which consists of a Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 & a Blutooth 4.0 part.

The Nightly build of Fedora 20, which is not the official Alpha, worked on this model very very well in general.
The OS responds fluently, and let's me set up a Wireless connection, change display configurations and browse the web very smoothly.
I am a bit impressed by the performance of this nightly release and how fast it responds.
Not sure if there are still these pre-stable-release debugging features in the Kernel which I think sometimes slow things down.....perhaps not.
Maybe someone with more insight than I can say...

I was also positively surprised about the numbers of Toshiba-specific features were supported right away. See below for a full summary of features tested and their result.
Something I've seen in the past is that some features work when unit is cold booted, while they tend to stop working after resuming from standby.
Such irritations were not seen here. Great job Fedora crew!!

The only issue which I can see is getting the Bluetooth to work.
It seems this is somehow known, and known to work once the proper setup is made.
Details can be found here:
However, when I try to follow them my wireless setup gets totally messed up and I need to reboot in order to get it back working.

This model performs very well in all respects to the features which are working from cold boot.
They also seem to work perfectly after suspend/resume on my Live media.

Power consumption was modest and pointed to runtimes on par with Windows installations.

Feature Cold booted Resumed from Standby
Hardware features

Full native resolution on display OK OK
SD host OK OK
Bluetooth NG NG
Touchpad  OK OK
Sound OK OK
HDMI sound OK OK
Webcam OK OK

Brightness - FN + F2 / F3 OK Ok
Display change - FN + F4 OK OK
Touchpad On/Off - FN + F5 OK OK
Media buttons - FN + F6,F7,F8 OK OK
Volume control - FN + F9 / F10 OK OK
Mute On/Off - FN + F11 OK OK
Radio On/Off - FN + F12 OK OK

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